Akumuli is a time-series database. The word “akumuli” can be translated from esperanto as “accumulate”.


Most open source projects focus on query language and things useful for web-analytics, but they ignore some key characteristics of time series data:

  • High write throughput (millions of data-points per second)
  • Very late writes can be dropped
  • Numeric time-series can be compressed very efficiently
  • Periodic time-series can be compressed very efficiently
  • Compression is crucial for time-series storage!


  • Implements specialized storage engine for time-series data
  • Memory mapped and x64 only
  • Uses constant amount of disk space (like RRD-tool)
  • Crash recovery
  • Very high write throughput (about 1M writes per second on single machine)
  • Allows unordered writes
  • Compressed (specialized compression algorithms for different data elements - timestamps, ids, values)
  • Easy to use server software (based on Redis protocol)


Build Status