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ConfigFile Struct Reference

Container class for configuration related functions. More...

Public Types

typedef boost::property_tree::ptree PTree

Static Public Member Functions

static boost::filesystem::path default_config_path ()
static void init_config (boost::filesystem::path path)
static PTree read_config_file (boost::filesystem::path file_path)
static boost::filesystem::path get_path (PTree conf)
static uint64_t get_cache_size (PTree conf)
static int get_window (PTree conf)
static bool get_huge_tlb (PTree conf)
static int get_nvolumes (PTree conf)
static int get_compression_threshold (PTree conf)
get_durability (PTree conf)
static ServerSettings get_http_server (PTree conf)
static ServerSettings get_udp_server (PTree conf)
static ServerSettings get_tcp_server (PTree conf)
static std::vector
< ServerSettings
get_server_settings (PTree conf)

Detailed Description

Container class for configuration related functions.

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