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Akumuli::StringPool Struct Reference

Public Types

typedef std::pair< const char
*, int > 

Public Member Functions

 StringPool (StringPool const &)=delete
StringPooloperator= (StringPool const &)=delete
StringT add (const char *begin, const char *end, uint64_t payload)
size_t size () const
 Get number of stored strings atomically.
std::vector< StringT > regex_match (const char *regex, StringPoolOffset *outoffset=nullptr, size_t *psize=nullptr) const

Public Attributes

const int MAX_BIN_SIZE = AKU_LIMITS_MAX_SNAME * 0x1000
std::deque< std::vector< char > > pool
std::mutex pool_mutex
std::atomic< size_t > counter

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< StringPool::StringT > Akumuli::StringPool::regex_match ( const char *  regex,
StringPoolOffset outoffset = nullptr,
size_t *  psize = nullptr 
) const

Find all series that match regex.

regexis a regullar expression
outoffsetcan be used to retreive offset of the processed data or start search from particullar point in the string-pool

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