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Akumuli::StorageEngine::SubtreeRef Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint16_t version
 Node version.
uint16_t level
 Node level in the tree.
uint32_t count
 Number of elements in the subtree.
uint32_t payload_size
 Payload size (real)
aku_ParamId id
 Series Id.
aku_Timestamp begin
 First element's timestamp.
aku_Timestamp end
 Last element's timestamp.
LogicAddr addr
 Object addr in blockstore.
double min
 Smalles value.
double max
 Largest value.
double sum
 Summ of all elements in subtree.

Detailed Description

Reference to tree node. Ref contains some metadata: version, level, payload_size, id. This metadata corresponds to the current node. Also, reference contains some aggregates: count, begin, end, min, max, sum. This aggregates corresponds to the current node if leve=0 (current node is a leaf node) or to the pointee if level > 0. If level is 1 then pointee is a leafa node and all this fields describes this leaf node. If level is 2 or more then all this aggregates comes from entire subtree (e.g. min is a minimal value in leaf nodes in pointee subtree).

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