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Akumuli::SeriesParser Struct Reference

#include <seriesparser.h>

Public Types

typedef StringTools::StringT StringT

Static Public Member Functions

static aku_Status to_normal_form (const char *begin, const char *end, char *out_begin, char *out_end, const char **keystr_begin, const char **keystr_end)
static std::tuple< aku_Status,
StringT > 
filter_tags (StringT const &input, StringTools::SetT const &tags, char *out)

Detailed Description

Namespace class to store all parsing related things.

Member Function Documentation

std::tuple< aku_Status, SeriesParser::StringT > Akumuli::SeriesParser::filter_tags ( SeriesParser::StringT const &  input,
StringTools::SetT const &  tags,
char *  out 

Remove redundant tags from input string. Leave only metric and tags from the list.

aku_Status Akumuli::SeriesParser::to_normal_form ( const char *  begin,
const char *  end,
char *  out_begin,
char *  out_end,
const char **  keystr_begin,
const char **  keystr_end 

Convert input string to normal form. In normal form metric name is followed by the list of key value pairs in alphabetical order. All keys should be unique and separated from metric name and from each other by exactly one space.

beginpoints to the begining of the input string
endpoints to the to the end of the string
out_beginpoints to the begining of the output buffer (should be not less then input buffer)
out_endpoints to the end of the output buffer
keystr_beginpoints to the begining of the key string (string with key-value pairs)
AKU_SUCCESS if everything is OK, error code otherwise

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