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Akumuli::QP::RandomSamplingNode Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for Akumuli::QP::RandomSamplingNode:

Public Member Functions

 RandomSamplingNode (uint32_t buffer_size, std::shared_ptr< Node > next)
 RandomSamplingNode (boost::property_tree::ptree const &ptree, std::shared_ptr< Node > next)
bool flush ()
virtual void complete ()
 Complete adding values.
virtual bool put (const aku_Sample &sample)
virtual void set_error (aku_Status status)
virtual int get_requirements () const

Public Attributes

const uint32_t buffer_size_
std::vector< aku_Sample > samples_
Rand random_
std::shared_ptr< Nodenext_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Akumuli::QP::Node
enum  QueryFlags { EMPTY = 0, GROUP_BY_REQUIRED = 1, TERMINAL = 2 }

Member Function Documentation

int Akumuli::QP::RandomSamplingNode::get_requirements ( ) const

This method returns set of flags that describes its functioning.

Implements Akumuli::QP::Node.

bool Akumuli::QP::RandomSamplingNode::put ( const aku_Sample &  sample)

Process value, return false to interrupt process. Empty sample can be sent to flush all updates.

Implements Akumuli::QP::Node.

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