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Akumuli::QP::PreciseCounter Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PreciseCounter (HashFnFamily const &hf)
 C-tor. Parameter hf is unused for the sake of interface unification.
 PreciseCounter (PreciseCounter const &cs)
void add (uint64_t id, double value)
double estimate (uint64_t id) const
 Unbiased value estimator.
double estimateF2 () const
 Second moment estimator.
void diff (PreciseCounter const &lhs, PreciseCounter const &rhs)
 current sketch <- absolute difference between two arguments
void add (PreciseCounter const &val)
 Add sketch.
void sub (PreciseCounter const &val)
 Substract sketch.
void mul (double value)
 Multiply sketch by value.
void mul (PreciseCounter const &val)
void div (PreciseCounter const &val)

Public Attributes

std::unordered_map< uint64_t,
double > 

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