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Akumuli::QP::Node Struct Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Akumuli::QP::Node:
Akumuli::QP::AnomalyDetector Akumuli::QP::FilterByIdNode< Predicate > Akumuli::QP::Limiter Akumuli::QP::PAA< State > Akumuli::QP::RandomSamplingNode Akumuli::QP::SAXNode Akumuli::QP::SpaceSaver< weighted > Akumuli::TerminalNode Akumuli::QP::PAA< MeanCounter > Akumuli::QP::PAA< MedianCounter > Akumuli::QP::PAA< ValueSelector< SelectFn > >

Public Types

enum  QueryFlags { EMPTY = 0, GROUP_BY_REQUIRED = 1, TERMINAL = 2 }

Public Member Functions

virtual void complete ()=0
 Complete adding values.
virtual bool put (aku_Sample const &sample)=0
virtual void set_error (aku_Status status)=0
virtual int get_requirements () const =0

Member Function Documentation

virtual int Akumuli::QP::Node::get_requirements ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual bool Akumuli::QP::Node::put ( aku_Sample const &  sample)
pure virtual

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