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Akumuli::ExternalCursor Struct Referenceabstract

#include <cursor.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akumuli::ExternalCursor:
Akumuli::Cursor Akumuli::CoroCursor

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t read_ex (void *buffer, size_t buffer_size)=0
 Read portion of the data to the buffer. More...
virtual bool is_done () const =0
 Check is everything done.
virtual bool is_error (aku_Status *out_error_code_or_null=nullptr) const =0
 Check is error occured and (optionally) get the error code.
virtual void close ()=0

Detailed Description

Data retreival interface that can be used by code that reads data from akumuli.

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t Akumuli::ExternalCursor::read_ex ( void *  buffer,
size_t  buffer_size 
pure virtual

Read portion of the data to the buffer.

New read interface for variably sized samples.

bufferis an array of aku_Sample structs
item_sizedefines size of each struct 0 - size = sizeof(aku_Sample)
buffer_sizedefines size of the buffer in bytes (should be a multiple of item_size)
number of overwritten bytes in buffer

Implemented in Akumuli::CoroCursor.

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