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Akumuli::TcpAcceptor Class Reference

#include <tcp_server.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akumuli::TcpAcceptor:

Public Member Functions

 TcpAcceptor (std::vector< IOServiceT * > io, int port, std::shared_ptr< IngestionPipeline > pipeline)
void start ()
 Start listening on socket.
void stop ()
 Stop listening on socket.
void _stop ()
 Stop listening on socket (for testing)
void _start ()
 Start implementation (this method is public only for testing purposes)
void _run_one ()
 Run one handler (should be used only for testing)

Detailed Description

Tcp server. Accepts connections and creates new client sessions

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Akumuli::TcpAcceptor::TcpAcceptor ( std::vector< IOServiceT * >  io,
int  port,
std::shared_ptr< IngestionPipeline pipeline 

C-tor. Should be created in the heap.

ioio-service instance
portport to listen for new connections
pipelineingestion pipeline

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