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Akumuli::StorageEngine::NBTree Class Reference

#include <nbtree.h>

Public Member Functions

 NBTree (aku_ParamId id, std::shared_ptr< BlockStore > bstore)
aku_ParamId get_id () const
 Return series id.
void append (aku_Timestamp ts, double value)
 Append data-point to NBTree.
std::vector< LogicAddr > roots () const
 Return list of roots starting from leaf node.
std::unique_ptr< NBTreeLeafload (LogicAddr addr) const
 Load Leaf node from block-store.
std::vector< LogicAddr > iter (aku_Timestamp start, aku_Timestamp stop) const

Detailed Description

This object represents block store backed tree. It contains data from one time-series. This data-structure supports only append operation but other operations (delete/insert) can be implemented if needed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Akumuli::StorageEngine::NBTree::NBTree ( aku_ParamId  id,
std::shared_ptr< BlockStore bstore 


idSeries id.
bstorePointer to block-store.

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< LogicAddr > Akumuli::StorageEngine::NBTree::iter ( aku_Timestamp  start,
aku_Timestamp  stop 
) const

Iterate through the tree. If start is less then stop - iterate in forward direction, if start is greater then the stop - iterate in backward direction. Interval [start, stop) is semi-open.

startTimestamp of the starting point of the range.
stopTimestamp of the first point out of the range.

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