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Akumuli::StorageEngine::BlockStore Class Reference

#include <blockstore.h>

Inheritance diagram for Akumuli::StorageEngine::BlockStore:

Public Member Functions

std::tuple< aku_Status,
std::shared_ptr< Block > > 
read_block (LogicAddr addr)
std::tuple< aku_Status, LogicAddr > append_block (uint8_t const *data)
void flush ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr
< BlockStore
open (std::string metapath, std::vector< std::string > volpaths)

Detailed Description

Blockstore. Contains collection of volumes. Translates logic adresses into physical ones.

Member Function Documentation

std::tuple< aku_Status, LogicAddr > Akumuli::StorageEngine::BlockStore::append_block ( uint8_t const *  data)

Add block to blockstore.

dataPointer to buffer.
Status and block's logic address.
std::shared_ptr< BlockStore > Akumuli::StorageEngine::BlockStore::open ( std::string  metapath,
std::vector< std::string >  volpaths 

Create BlockStore instance (can be created only on heap).

std::tuple< aku_Status, std::shared_ptr< Block > > Akumuli::StorageEngine::BlockStore::read_block ( LogicAddr  addr)

Read block from blockstore

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