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Akumuli::MemoryMappedFile Class Reference

#include <util.h>

Public Member Functions

 MemoryMappedFile (const char *file_name, bool enable_huge_tlb)
void move_file (const char *new_name)
void delete_file ()
void * get_pointer () const
size_t get_size () const
apr_status_t flush (size_t from, size_t to)
 Flush only part of the page.
apr_status_t flush ()
 Flush full page.
bool is_bad () const
std::string error_message () const
void panic_if_bad ()
apr_status_t status_code () const
void remap_file_destructive ()
 Remap file in a destructive way (all file content is lost)
aku_Status protect_all ()
 Protect page from writing.
aku_Status unprotect_all ()
 Make page available for writing.

Detailed Description

Memory mapped file maps all file on construction

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